#11 'Mal Hombre' by Lydia Mendoza (1934)


"It makes me think of a sleepy rural village, where a beautiful woman is wandering about a la Belle in Beauty and the Beast and warning her neighbours of a lothario in their midst. I like the guitaring. The chorus is quite catchy and I can definitely relate ;)" - LC

Written by: Traditional, arranged by Lydia Mendoza.
Producer: Eli Oberstein
Label: Blue Bird.


  • Lydia Mendoza was born in 1916 and from an early age she showed herself to be a remarkable singer and played of the twelve-string guitar.
  • By 1934, she was celebrated in San Antonio, Texas, as a street singer and radio performer. This success led an independent label recording her and issuing 'Mal Hombre' (Evil Man) as her first release.
  • Lydia had learnt the lyrics to 'Mal Hombre' from a bubble gum wrapper (a novelty marketing promotion at the time) and set it to music.
  • The songs tells of a ruthless lothario.
  • It was her first and greatest hit, and made her a star throughout the southwest of the USA. It also set off a Mexican-American recording boom in the process.

Evil Man
(I had to translate this one myself as best I could so any corrections are welcome)

I was still a young woman when by chance you found me,
And thanks to your worldly ways, you took the honour of my perfume.
Then you did to me what men like you do to women,
So do not be surprised that I now tell you to your face what you are.

Bad man,
So wretched is your soul that it has no name,
You're a rogue, you're evil.
You're a bad man.

I abandoned my sad destiny,
I started a ferocious struggle with my life,
She, strong and cruel would torture me, I, being weaker, was finally beaten down.

You learned about my defeat in time, You knew about my dreadful hell
Some told you to save her, and proving what you were, you laughed

Shortly afterwards in the brook my life was relying on shadows,
You went by a couple of nights
and as you looked at me, I could feel you ask yourself:
"Who is that woman, do you know her?"
and then, you replied, "A nobody!"
Upon hearing something so outrageous come from your lips,
You showed me again what you were.

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